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Inspired by a life of travel and adventures

Sophie Anderson - The Beginning

Inspired by her time living in South America with her husband and her children Sophie created Sophie Anderson the label, uniquely bringing together for the first time traditional local weaving techniques with contemporary designs

The first part of the South American journey

Working together with Colombian artisans

When starting the weaving crochet journey in 2011 Sophie was involved in every aspect of the process and organised a whole community of Colombian artisans, supporting them, providing training as well as work and being an integral part of the community

Second part of the South American journey

Working with Peruvian female artisans

Sophie has opened production in Peru in 2015, providing female artisans in the rural communities with valuable work and in the same time preserving ancient traditions. All artisans can work from the comfort of their homes so this type of work blends seamlessly in their daily lives and allows them to be next to their families

Starting the Indian journey

Leather and raffia bags hand made in India

Due to increase demand in the products and high interest from department stores worldwide Sophie has decided to increase the range to include beautifully hand woven leather and raffia pieces in 2016. One piece takes up to 20 hours to make and is hand crafted just by one artisan. Sophie's work in India supports the local economy

Looking toward the future

Doing more and more for sustainability

After supporting artisans and local communities for years Sophie's attention is drawn now to the global matter of sustainability and she and her team are working on a first collection with sustainable materials


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