A morning with.. Sophie Anderson

Our creative director Sophie Anderson takes her inspiration from her life of travel and adventures. We sat down with her and asked her 10 questions so you can have the opportunity to know her a little better.

We know you had a wonderful childhood, growing up in Kuwait and Oman until you were 16 and then Andalusia. You must have amazing childhood memories. Could you share with us your wildest memory?

So many! I was so fortunate to spend my childhood growing up in the Middle East. My family camped almost every weekend for 15 years. Camping in beautiful Wadi Rum and being caught in a flash flood. We had to pack our camp in minutes and drive as fast as we could to higher ground. I found it so exciting to see our tent and shade netting hanging out of the windows of our jeep with my mother driving as fast as she could. Another memory in turtle season, waking up just before dawn in Ras Al Hadd (A long stretch of the Arabian coastline where turtles nest). In the late 80’s this area of Oman was still relatively unexplored. We would watch the exhausted turtles in the dark morning light drag their weight up the wide beach and lay their eggs. Then as the sun would come up, my brother and I would run around wild helping other little hatchlings down safety to the waters edge and shoo away the wild desert fox and sea gulls!

Where does your incredible drive for adventure come from?
Without a doubt my childhood adventures exploring every corner of the Kuwaiti desert and all over Oman! My mother drove us as babies overland in the late 70’s in a converted ambulance from Kuwait through Persia to the West Coast of Scotland one year and was in the local newspaper as being this wild European lady! She definitely inspired me to travel.
Tell us more about what inspired you start the label.
I fell head over heels in love with Colombia. On returning to London after living there for 2 years in 2010 with our two eldest daughters I was determined to return as soon as possible and create something very special that would enable me to discover more of Latin America and give back what the country of Colombia and its people had given my family and I.
What part of the brand do you most love?
The wild travelling and magical feeling of empowering people whom have so much talent from their own culture.
Where do you see the label going? 
We want to bring our special pieces into everyone’s everyday lives and continue the spirit of adventure into the city too… redefining city bags to make them more fun! We are also launching a new clothing line using exclusive sustainable fabrics and techniques!
What has been the most challenging part of the brand's journey?
The most challenging part was certainly building up a production team, given our core line of accessories is handmade by female artisans - mostly working from their own homes in remote parts of Colombia and Peru. But the great social impact on the local community and economy made it all worth it. This brings us much happiness.
What is your latest favourite discovery?
Aqua de Madre! A naturally sparkling fermented water Keffir introduced recently to me by a very dear friend - "Agua De Madre is made from the elemental Tibicos Mother Culture discovered two thousand years ago on the pads of the Mexican Opuntia cactus. The team feed it, nurture it and use it to ferment these delicious probiotic drinks with maternal dedication!”
What makes you most happy?
Snorkelling in clear clean seas, and seeing lots of live colourful coral. I love cooking and entertaining for friends and family too. I love the mountains. The Desert is always in my heart.
What are you looking forward to next?
A trip to Peru in February to source sustainable dye for a new Alpaca range we are working on.
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Sophie Anderson Team xx

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