Lock down with Sophie - How to stay busy, creative and positive!

Whilst we all must remain in the house and limit our time outside, it can be quite a challenge to stay happy, stay positive, and especially creative!

The lockdown has impacted all of us in various ways, from our freedom to our finances, our health and our emotions. We send our prayers to everyone impacted worldwide by this virus, in any aspect that may be.

In the meantime, we have to find ways to stay positive and if you have some time, enjoy some colourful home styling ahead of Easter that will perhaps make you smile and make your family / roommates also smile!

As we can't spend too much time outside, enjoy bringing the new Spring season into your homes by creating endless table displays that inspire you and the ones around you.

Extend that to other rooms and even include bathrooms!

Make your home as beautiful as a wild spring meadow!

Fallen blossom branches, spring flowers, wild grasses and dried seed pods all make beautiful uplifting table decor. Arranged and laid over beautifully colourful table linen and hand painted linen napkins- Yes you can also do these yourself! with pressed painted leaves and paint pressed flowers, meal times will feel even more special, exciting and up-lifting.

We are all spoiled for choice here in the city with online deliveries, but ordering pretty natural coloured wax and silicone moulds to make candles for the table is an activity the whole home will enjoy! Try various Easter oval shapes and angels!

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Have Denim mending sessions! Get those old jeans out and get hand sewing and patching, with ancient Japanese Boro or Shashiko techniques!

Become a natural Mixologist!

Make refreshing, uplifting and mood boosting home spritzers with essential oils and flower waters to create extra harmony and balance during these quarantine weeks and months! Make a different one for various times of the day. Your senses and mind will be so grateful!

Get pickling all those veggies, look after your gut and bake your first sourdough... the raw ingredients are all readily available and so easy to do. Now we all are forced to be at home and hopefully some of you have plenty of time aside from the homeschooling routines! Let's all try something new!

Support your local small businesses! Volunteer with your neighbours!

If you have any space outside, grow your own salads and flowers. It is so rewarding to see your harvests grow to enjoy them and takes as little as 28 days!

Lastly, while staying at home, practise your yoga or pilates or dance or whatever you love most, all or something you haven't yet tried, either alone or joining online, as before we know it we will all be flocking to the beach and want to keep our bodies and minds more beautiful on the inside and outside more than ever!

Wishing you all sunny thoughts and many adventurous dreams to come....

Stay home but stay happy!

And, when you do head out don't forget to take your beautiful Mercato, oversized loomed tote for those grocery trips!

All our Artisan weavers work from home too, so we are not alone!

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x Sophie 

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