Sophie launched her collection in 2011 using the intricate techniques and skills of the Colombian Wayuu which have been passed down through generations. The result was a collection of striking hand-woven bags that combine traditional artisanal processes with vibrant colours and eye-catching designs. 

Sophie Anderson's production of handwoven accessories provides a fair income to numerous artisan communities, now expanded in Peru. Here she has been able to successfully broaden her product ranges, techniques and use of materials. Her workforce of hundreds of artisans are mostly women who have little to no access to the global market and few opportunities to make a living from their weaving traditions. 

Sophie's unique sensibility when using colour and her capability to use old techniques to materialise new design ideas and transform them into chic, contemporary pieces is what roots the brand.

Sophie Anderson is stocked by top retailers in Europe, North America and Asia and is known and loved worldwide. The label has been featured in most top publications and has been spotted on Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Claudia Schiffer, Thandie Newton



Half Scottish and English, Sophie grew up in Kuwait and Oman for 16 years. Her family home then moved to Andalusia. Childhood memories of camping in the Omani Desert around Bedouin weavers inspired her work with artisan weavers across two Latin American countries.

Prior to launching the brand, Sophie’s earlier career in creative education and Interior design, led her to live in Paris, Tuscany, London, Hong-Kong, Spain and Colombia. Her life’s adventures have naturally inspired her collections aesthetic and style. Sophie is dedicated to translating her sense of free spirit and adventure within the brand's collections.