Sophie Anderson launched her eponymous label  in 2011, with a nomadic childhood spent among Bedouin weavers in Oman providing the muse for her textile creations. Sophie melds together the intricate, time-tested techniques of female artisans from around the world, such as the Colombian Wayuu, with her own, neo-bohemian aesthetic to present ethically crafted accessories for the modern woman of the world. Sophie Anderson's handwoven production methods provide a fair income to numerous female artisan communities in Peru and throughout South America. Hundreds of local artisans continue to be employed by the brand, using their traditional weaving techniques to expertly execute Sophie’s vibrant visions.                                                                                                                                                                  Sophie’s commitment to championing local artisans, combined with a distinctive eye for unique textures and colour combinations continues to bring forth luxurious handbags and accessories that have built a loyal, global following.

Sophie Anderson is stocked by top retailers around the world, and has been spotted on iconic style stars like Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts, Claudia Schiffer, Thandie Newton, and Uma Thurman.


Half Scottish and half English, Sophie grew up in Kuwait and Oman for 16 years, before her family home then moved to Andalusia. Childhood memories of camping in the Omani Desert around Bedouin weavers inspired her to work with local artisans across Latin America.

Sophie’s earlier career in creative education and interior design led her to live in Paris, Tuscany, Hong-Kong, Spain, Colombia, and London, where she now resides with her family.

Her effervescent wanderlust continues to inspire each collection, with her free spirit and sense of adventure luxuriously exuded in every piece.